also, some d&d-related stuff! i’ve drawn the girl here before, she is my character from a pathfinder campaign i’m in, but the guy is a new bard our party picked up recently.
the two of them make pretty good dance partners and may or may not have helped to start a revolution with the power of their sick moves

*tapdances away*
(dont tag as genderbend/crossdressing etc etc)

all the clothes souji usually wears are things their mom bought. if you give souji free reign to buy whatever clothing they want you end up with this disaster
dont give souji free reign to buy clothing
(dont tag as genderbend or crossdressing or anything like that thanks)

“that bit at 1:30" as requested by adamn-it-jensen

"I’ve never gone this far. I mean, with my powers. I think I like it."

When karma-kamikaze and I played through this mission for the first time, I distinctly remember him pointing out this line. It’s not a huge thing for her to be saying, not something that really has a whole lot of attention brought to it, but it definitely struck the two of us as the potential beginning of something really, really bad.
I’m not sure if we’ll ever be seeing more of Innsmouth to confirm or deny this suspicion, but damn if I don’t kind of like the idea of a villainous Carter.